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Afterglow (Happy Valentine's) :iconfox-populi:Fox-Populi 8 1
All I want for Christmas (Shiro x Mephisto)
(Please scroll down for AUTHOR'S NOTES before reading, to avoid confusion!)
So this is Christmas
and what have you done
another year over
a new one just begun
Shiro couldn't decide which was worse: the overly jolly Christmas songs that evoked images of big happy families enjoying a home-cooked dinner in a lavishly decorated house, or the ones that made you feel guilty for believing (wanting?) that fata morgana in the first place... and pointed you right back at the desert of your life.
Well, his life, at least.
Shiro didn't particularly care for Christmas – or any other holiday, for that matter. Ever since he became a priest, even the holidays weren't holidays anymore, but rather an evil scheme that forced him to try and cram even more hours of work into one day. While everybody else was enjoying some time off. Well, almost everybody. Of course there were others who got the heavy burden of care bestowed upon them. Doctors, in the first place. F
:iconfox-populi:Fox-Populi 2 3
Mephisto's Nightmare Before Renaissance
When Katou named Loki as one of Mephisto's aliases it opened up a whole new realm of speculation. If you haven't read Norse mythology and are only familiar with the hot shots (eight-legged horse yeah why the hell not), know that it's Loki who got in trouble for the death of one of the other gods: Baldr.
And the time he spent chained in the underworld just so happens to overlap perfectly with the time between Antiquity and the Middle Ages. To be fair, the Middle Ages weren't as miserable as we usually picture them. But they sure didn't hold the splendour of some of the big empires of Antiquity either (Roman empire, ancient Greece, Babylonia...). Christianity was the new big thing, art and philosophy had regressed and overall, progress was just very, very slow compared to any area before and after that. Perhaps because one of the biggest fans and supporters of human ingenuity was locked in a dungeon. Either way... Can you imagine the befuddlement of someone who left during Antiquity and
:iconfox-populi:Fox-Populi 1 0
House of Madness - Labrats :iconfox-populi:Fox-Populi 0 0 Ganbatte ne :iconfox-populi:Fox-Populi 4 5
Mature content
The morning after (Shiro x Mephisto) :iconfox-populi:Fox-Populi 22 16
Cult of Bob - Tentacle in the fridge :iconfox-populi:Fox-Populi 0 0 Cult of Bob - Bob the bartender :iconfox-populi:Fox-Populi 1 0 Hobbit charm - back :iconfox-populi:Fox-Populi 3 0 Hobbit charm - inside :iconfox-populi:Fox-Populi 31 13 Hobbit charm - front :iconfox-populi:Fox-Populi 14 2
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Middle-Earth funtime :iconfox-populi:Fox-Populi 0 0
Brainslug pillow :iconfox-populi:Fox-Populi 4 8 Jack O'Lantern - humanoid version :iconfox-populi:Fox-Populi 6 3 No reason :iconfox-populi:Fox-Populi 7 2 Jack O'Lantern reference sheet :iconfox-populi:Fox-Populi 2 0


Mature content
Mephisto as Frank: Sweet Transvestite :iconmorphicelus:Morphicelus 18 16
Mature content
Confess to me :iconsolacebeneathsilence:SolaceBeneathSilence 82 47


Hello there, and welcome to my DA page.
This page is run by Fox Populi, also known as Puppit from Puppit Productions. 
I noticed my "fanbase" was pretty strictly divided between people who watched me for (and commented on) fan art and people who watched me for (and commented on) my more "serious" sculpting/drawing/photography, so I decided to create this separate account specifically for fan purposes, to maintain the professionalism of my other account. And to make sure I didn't annoy any doll-enthusiasts who don't care for ponies, daleks, brainslugs, hobbits, zombies or anime demons. Or bore fanart-fanatics with pictures of mold-making and joint carving.
Some stuff may be posted on both this and my other account, since fan characters like my Weeping Angel ARE part of my doll family and might thus be included in group pictures. 
In short, this account is just for lulz. Hardly any of it is to be taken seriously. Including anything I write. Unless I specifically say so. And even then I might be joking. Let the chaos begin...



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